At Kaleidoscope Academy and Clinic, our founding principle rests on supporting our community by bettering the lives of children and providing access to early intervention for those with differing abilities. We have seen families on waitlists – sometimes for years – for these critical services, and recognize there is a need. Kaleidoscope Academy and Clinic was born to assist those with this need and provide resources through our educational therapies and guidance programs.

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1 in 59 Children are on the Autism Spectrum. 
1 in 5 Children have a Learning or Thinking Difference. 



Early Intervention

Researchers and families alike know the importance of early diagnosis for timely intervention. 

Evidence-Based Science

ABA therapy is not one strategy – it is a scientific discipline based on the principles of behavior.

Consistent Treatment

Highly skilled and caring professionals make an impact with custom-tailored plans to honor each child.


Help as many children, families and team members possible achieve their maximum potential and realize personal goals.


Create the best possible outcomes in the lives of our patients, their whole family and our employees through compassionate application of our expertise. 

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